I was born on a…

Oh, too much? Let me sum up.

I’m an as-yet-unpublished writer (there’s a million of us out there), married to government property, and I have this odd obsession with yarn. I read a lot, don’t sleep much, am phobic of spiders and anything with more than four limbs, and like animals more than I like most people.  This is due to a job in customer service.  Yes, I’m that person you call when some piece of technology you own is not working right.  I’m the one you cuss at, threaten, and verbally abuse.

That’s okay though.


Because I write.

Remember that the person you piss off today, just might name a character after you, and kill them off in a horrible and gruesome ending that will leave you with nightmares for months.

And we love every second of it.


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